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New Rule for Expedited and Remote Admissions to the Court of Appeals - Modification of Rule 9(a)

Attorneys may now be admitted via a remote and expedited admissions process. This provides a significant benefit for attorneys outside the Atlanta area who file time-sensitive documents and are not admitted to the Court of Appeals. Rule 9(a) now includes the below parenthetical before the sentence "The oath is as follows:":

(Georgia attorneys requiring immediate admission to the Court may contact the Clerk's office to obtain special admission without their personal appearance for swearing in. The fee is $200.00 in addition to the regular admission fee, payable to the Clerk of the Court of Appeals. The attorney must submit the written application with the certificate of at least two attorneys of this Court that such attorney is of good private and professional character. The form may be submitted via e-mail to (cc: in a .pdf format to the Clerk's office. The Clerk will arrange to telephonically administer the oath. Thereafter, the attorney will provisionally be admitted pending receipt of the fee.)