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Attention is directed to Rule 28 of The Court of Appeals of Georgia.

NOTICE: The following cases have been placed on the calendar for argument in accordance with Rule 28(a). Report to the Clerk in the Court of Appeals Courtroom on the 6th floor of the State Judicial Building located on Margaret Mitchell Street across from the State Capitol Building. Generally, cases will be called in the order listed at the time scheduled. Counsel are requested to check in with the Clerk 30 minutes prior to THE FIRST scheduled oral argument. Argument is limited to 5, 10, or 15 minutes per side. Rule 28(d). If the parties disagree on the length of time, the longer time will prevail. Appellant opens the argument. After appellant argues, the appellee argues. Appellant may then reply. Appellee is not allowed rebuttal argument. Note: If appellant wishes to reserve time for rebuttal argument, please request that the time keeper activate the yellow light at the time desired.

The Court asks that counsel who present exhibit boards or use the courtroom document camera during oral argument to please also provide three 8 ½" x 11" paper copies of their exhibit for distribution to the judges on the division hearing oral argument.

There are no oral arguments currently scheduled for this date.