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Clerk's Office Court of Appeals of Georgia

Clerk, Stephen E. Castlen
Chief Deputy Clerk, Patty Bender

Hours: 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m.
Telephone: 404-656-3450

The Clerk’s Office is ready to assist parties, attorneys and the public. We aim to perform our work in an accurate, efficient and courteous manner. For your assistance, you can e-mail questions to the Clerk’s Office at Ask the Clerk. Also, we hope the following information will be helpful to you.

Helpful Hints for Pro Se Litigants and Attorneys

Preparing Filings: Please read the rules on this website and use them in preparing your filing. There are sample documents such as motions and briefs at the Clerk’s office that can be reviewed. These samples are not available online.

Reviewing Records: Please call ahead to make sure that records are available.

Payment of Filing Fees, Photocopying Fees, and Admission Fees: Suitable payment methods are check, money order or cash. Please make every effort to bring exact change when paying with cash.

$1.50 per page. Payment must be provided before copies will be made. A pauper’s affidavit does not excuse the party from paying photocopying fees.

Filing Fee:
     Criminal Appeals and Applications: $80.00
     Civil Appeals and Applications: $300.00

Case History: $4.00

Record Index: $4.00

Clerk’s Certification of a Document: $5.00

Attorney Admission to Court: $30.00 Please see application form on this website.

Attorney Admission Replacement Certificate: $10.00

Attorney Certificate of Good Standing: $5.00. Please see form for submitting request on this website.

Information for Trial Court Clerks Preparing Appeals for the Court of Appeals of Georgia: Here is a link to the Guide for Trial Court Clerks in Transmitting Records to the Court of Appeals of Georgia. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send the Clerk's office an e-mail at the Ask the Clerk e-mail address or telephone this office.