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In 1993, the Georgia Department of History and Archives announced it would no longer accept for storage paper records from the Georgia Court of Appeals. As a result of this announcement and the severe shortage of storage space, the Court adopted a records retention policy, which is summarized in Rule 42. It states all trial court records, record appendix and transcripts filed in the Court of Appeals "will be recycled one year after the remittitur has issued unless the parties notify the Clerk, in writing, that the record should be maintained and the reason therefore."

Unless parties notify the Court in writing prior to the expiration of one year from the date the remittitur is issued, the record will be recycled. There will be no further notice of the recycling date to the parties other than a notation printed on the face of the NOTICE OF REMITTITUR form.

This policy does not affect the original trial court record which remains in the trial court.