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Rule 5 was amended on April 23, 2012.

Please see the amended Rule below.

Rule 5. Costs.

Costs are $80 in all criminal cases and $300 in all civil cases. Costs shall not be required where either a sufficient pauper's affidavit or a form showing a public defender has been appointed to represent the party has been filed with the Court or is contained in the record. Costs shall accrue upon the docketing of an application or direct appeal and shall be paid no later than the filing of the application or filing of the appellant's brief in direct appeals. Appellant and appellant's counsel are liable for costs when the case is docketed. Costs are not required to file an appellant's brief in a direct appeal which is filed pursuant to an order of this Court granting an interlocutory or discretionary application. The Clerk shall not receive a brief of the appellant or an application unless costs have been paid, a sufficient pauper's affidavit has been filed, or a form showing appointment of a public defender to represent the appellant on appeal has been filed or evidence of indigency is contained in the record.

For purposes of this rule, appeals from probation revocation and juvenile delinquency cases shall be deemed criminal cases and the costs for filing an application or a direct appeal in such cases shall be $80.