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These rules are not intended to reiterate all applicable laws. Where the word "counsel" has been utilized, this will include pro se parties.

This publication contains the rules and all amendments thereto made through January 21, 2015.


Rule 16. Extension of Time for Filing.

(a) Pursuant to the provisions of OCGA § 5-6-39, requests for extensions of time, which must be in writing, may be made only upon showing a bona fide effort has been made to obtain the extension from the trial court and the reason it could not be obtained. Any motion for extension of time to file a Notice of Appeal made in this Court shall be made as Rule 40 (b) motion and shall be accompanied by the filing fee or evidence that one or more of the fee waiver provisions of Rule 5 apply.

(b) Extensions of time to file briefs shall be requested by motion and shall be subject to the Court's discretion. All extensions shall be by written order and no oral extension shall be recognized.

Failure to request an extension of time to file a brief prior to the date the brief is due may result in the non-consideration of the motion and/or the dismissal of the appeal.

(c) No extension of time shall be granted to file an interlocutory application or a response thereto. An extension of time may be granted pursuant to Rule 31(g) to file a discretionary application, but no extension of time may be granted for filing a response to such application.

Rule amended July 24, 2014