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Request to Install Audio and Visual Recording and Transmittal Equipment For Electronic and Photographic News Coverage of Oral Argument

To request to photograph, record or broadcast any proceedings of this Court, the following form shall be submitted to the Clerk of the Court not later than one week before the scheduled oral argument date. The Court may waive this deadline for submission, but generally the form must be received at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled oral argument date and time. All media coverage is subject to the procedures and conditions listed in the September 11, 2013 order of the Court regarding media coverage. You will contacted by email or telephone as to whether your request has been granted.

Pursuant to the Order of the Court of Appeals of Georgia dated September 11, 2013 regarding news coverage and regulation of movement and placement of persons and audio and visual recording and transmitting equipment in the Courtroom, the undersigned hereby request permission to install equipment in the Court of Appeals Courtroom in order to record, photograph, broadcast, and/or televise all or portions of the proceedings in the following case.

Case Number

Consistent with the provisions of the rules and guidelines aforementioned, the undersigned desires to install the following described equipment:

The proceedings the undersigned desires to record, photograph, broadcast and/or televise will commence on:

Subject to direction from the Court or the News Media Coordinator, the undersigned wishes to install this equipment in the Courtroom on:

The personnel who will be responsible for the installation and operation of this equipment during its use are:

All media personnel must have and produce, upon request of court officials, credentials identifying them and the company for which they work.

The understood hereby certifies that the equipment to be installed and the location and operation of such equipment will be in conformity with the guidelines of the aforementioned order.

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