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These rules are not intended to reiterate all applicable laws. The word "counsel" throughout these rules also applies to pro se parties.

These rules are effective on February 17, 2021.


Rule 46. Electronic Filing of Documents.

(a) Counsel Required to File Via the Court’s eFast System.

Counsel are required to use the Court’s electronic filing system, eFast, and to follow the policies and procedures governing electronic filing as set forth in the Court’s instructions at

For example, the following must be filed electronically: all briefs, motions (including motions for reconsideration and emergency motions), applications for interlocutory and discretionary appeals, notices of intent to petition for certiorari, and notices of filing a petition for writ of certiorari. The filing date and time of documents filed electronically is determined in accordance with the efiling instructions. Note that filings that fail to comply with Court rules will be rejected and the filing date will be the date the item is submitted in compliance with Court rules. Motions for reconsideration that are received after 4:30 p.m. are considered to be filed the next business day. The Clerk of Court may grant a request for exemption from mandatory electronic filing for good cause shown. An adverse decision by the Clerk of Court may be appealed by motion via a paper filing.

(b) Consequence of Failure to Register With Court's eFast System.

Attorneys who fail to register with the Court’s eFast system will receive no further communication from the Court (i.e., court orders, opinions, etc.) through the United States Postal Service other than the original docketing notice.

(c) Counsel’s Personal Responsibility to Update eFast System.

Any change of physical address, telephone number, or email address must be made by the attorney in the Court’s eFast system. Attorneys are personally responsible for ensuring that their eFast profile information is up to date. The Court will not make these changes. Attorneys are encouraged to register an additional “CC” email address for their administrative assistant or another point of contact.

The attorney who uploads a document into the Court’s eFast system from that attorney’s eFast account will be listed as the attorney of record.